13 December 2019
Finding a luggage store in Rome

Let’s begin with a simple, but true statement: nobody likes packing their suitcase when it is time to go back home. It is not just a matter of feelings about the great trip you had, but it is mostly about how hard is packing a suitcase when we have more things than those we already had when landed. We know it happens quite often because our customers in Rome say so. If that is the case, you might want to buy a new suitcase or bag. If so, there are some things you need to know about finding a luggage store in Rome.

22 November 2019
A spa for your bag: handbag repair and maintenance tips

You just bought your new bag and you hope it will last forever. However, although you have been the most careful person in the world, you realise that keeping your luggage intact is almost impossible. Travel after travel, with hits, scratches, poor attention, you find out you already need a handbag repair service to make your bag great again. Here at Gazzarrini, we do offer a handbag repair service in Rome and Florence and we are ready to fix the most common damages.

01 November 2019
Backpack: your favourite travel bag

Tell me where you go, and I'll tell you which bag you need. That's, more or less, what we say to our customers when they want some advice on their next travel bag. And let us tell you why we often recommend a backpack for travel.

11 October 2019
Holidays in Europe? Get a VAT refund on designer goods

Every day, a lot of customers from extra-EU countries enter in our Gazzarrini stores looking for their next bag or suitcase. Surprisingly, many of them have never heard of the VAT refund, which allows them to save a considerable amount of money out of their purchases while on vacation.

13 September 2019
How to pack a suitcase efficiently

Time to pack your suitcase and go back home! Italy was great, but now you have to go. It is sad, isn’t it? Well, the other bad news is you bought a lot of souvenirs and new clothes and you have no clue of how you are going to close your suitcases and travel bags without causing a massive clothes explosion at the airport. However, if you go to a Gazzarrini travel luggage store, you have the chance to choose a new travel bag suitcase and follow our advice on how to pack a suitcase efficiently.