How to pack a suitcase efficiently

How to pack a suitcase efficiently

Time to pack your suitcase and go back home! Italy was great, but now you have to go. It is sad, isn’t it? Well, the other bad news is you bought a lot of souvenirs and new clothes and you have no clue of how you are going to close your suitcases and travel bags without causing a massive clothes explosion at the airport. However, if you go to a Gazzarrini travel luggage store, you have the chance to choose a new travel bag suitcase and follow our advice on how to pack a suitcase efficiently.

Choose the right suitcase

According to your needs, you will need a different kind of luggage. In our Gazzarrini travel luggage store you will have the chance to browse some top-notch models of the most famous and high quality brands like Samsonite and Tumi, among the most popular brand in our store. Samsonite suitcases are famous for their history and quality, while Tumi is well known for its materials and rigorous testing, but all the brands you will find at Gazzarrini are characterised by a high standard of quality.

The in-store team will guide you through the features of each model, keeping into account your specific needs, so your role will just be having a clear idea of how much space you will need and how you want to organise your journey.

Save time

Never underestimate packing a suitcase in terms of time! You might think it is going to take no more than ten minutes, but when the time comes, you find out an hour is not enough!

You need to save as much time as possible. The first thing you can do is booking your visit to a Gazzarrini store in advance, so if you want to see a specific model, we can order it for you. Moreover, we can deliver the suitcases and travel bags you just bought straight to your hotel room by calling a taxi. This will save you a lot of time and the stress of moving a big suitcase throughout the city.

What to put first

When you move your suitcase around, you always place it in vertical position, and this must be taken into account, because it means the best place for the heaviest objects is the bottom of your suitcase. This will allow you to handle the suitcase with ease and without forcing your wrist in an uncomfortable position.

The only exception is when you carry fragile items like souvenirs and anything that is made of glass, as you can save some space and still store them safely if you wrap them in your clothes. In order to make sure all your belongings stay where you put them, you can fill any gaps in the suitcase with small clothes like socks and underwear, helping you to make the most of the available space.

How to use the hand luggage

You do not usually check-in your hand luggage, so you can use it to put things you need first, like a phone charger, an outfit, pajamas, important medications, and small toiletries (remember the 100ml limit).
Fragile small items can be stored in the hand luggage as well, if there is space available.

If you are not sure about the policy of the airline, you can always ask clarifications to their customer service and get some advice from our travel luggage store staff.