A spa for your bag: handbag repair and maintenance tips

A spa for your bag: handbag repair and maintenance tips

You just bought your new bag and you hope it will last forever. However, although you have been the most careful person in the world, you realise that keeping your luggage intact is almost impossible. Travel after travel, with hits, scratches, poor attention, you find out you already need a handbag repair service to make your bag great again. Here at Gazzarrini, we do offer a handbag repair service in Rome and Florence and we are ready to fix the most common damages.

By the way, what are the most common damages? Let’s see if you recognise them.

Why do bags deteriorate?

If you love leather suitcases and bags, you surely know how careful you have to be when handling them! Leather is very feeble, but with a good prevention work, rather than fixing up, it is possible to avoid the most common damages.

When it comes to leather in particular, the sunlight is the biggest problem for its hydration, because when it gets too dry too soon, it opens and cracks, especially in the corners, which are the most stressed parts. In our handbag repair service and spa for bags, we use real nourishing creams for accessories and leather parts, designed to restore the broken part.

Another considerable problem that can be solved with the appropriate cream and a neutral soap is represented by scratches. However, if the damage looks too deep, maybe better if you meet a specialist who has the right know-how, because even a lack of skills can cause problems.

However, if the hot temperature is a problem, water stains are not so far behind, as they make the bag’s appearance dirty. What can you possibly do, when the reason is not depending on you, as rain can happen any time and ruin your bag? Let’s find it out.

What you should not do

If you want to prevent the leather from ruining, do not keep it in a dampened place or near a heat source, and, but this is true for all textiles, never store it without care, otherwise there is a serious risk of warping or tearing it. Conversely, fill your bag with old newspapers when it is empty, so as to keep its original shape and put it into transpirant, dust proof bags or wrap it in a non-woven fabric, which keeps the dust away and at the same time it lets the leather breathe, avoiding overheating, which is the main cause of bleaching both for leather and plastic (think about rigid bags and suitcases).

If the leather is wet, never dry it with heat sources exposure (avoid hair-dryers, radiators, stoves, and so on), wipe it with a cloth, instead, and place it in a dry place, in order to prevent mould from attacking the surface of the bag.

Whether your bag is torn or lacerated, do not try to sew it with DIY techniques, otherwise you risk to ruin it irreparably. Choose a handbag repair service, instead.

Our handbag repair service in Rome and Florence

In our stores, we also offer a handbag repair and customisation service for bags and suitcases.

If, like we said, you do not want to rely on DIY and you do want to take care of your travel companion, you can rely on qualified technicians in a Gazzarrini store. We will fix eventual tears and textiles and leather, but we can also change a damaged part as a whole with genuine, tested spare parts, from wheels to straps, with the chance, if you want, of using totally new but compatible parts to get a different handling and a totally new, personalised experience.