Backpack: your favourite travel bag

Backpack: your favourite travel bag

Tell me where you go, and I'll tell you which bag you need.

That's, more or less, what we say to our customers when they want some advice on their next travel bag. And let us tell you why we often recommend a backpack for travel.

It is all about choosing the right bag according to your needs. We ask you a description of your usual holiday because we need to figure out what are your habits and what is best for you in a certain situation.

For example: how long is your usual stay? Is it just a weekend-long city break or you stay abroad for long periods of time? Do you prefer big art & history cities like European capitals or the wild nature of Asian and South-American forests and mountains? Do you like camping?

As you can see, there is a lot to discuss, but quite often, it turns out that having a backpack, together with a suitcase or a small hand luggage, can really make a difference! Let's see it more in detail.

The features of a good backpack for travel

Backpacks can be very versatile, thanks to their key features. Some, in particular, make them a good travel companion, marking a line between everyday backpacks and travel backpacks.

First of all, materials. The first element you should check, because it defines where and when you can use it. For example, would you take a leather backpack out for camping? We do not think so, because obviously leather backpacks are not designed for those who like camping, who should rather get a backpack made of resistant textiles and maybe a waterproof coating.

Another important feature is the straps: make sure they are comfortable, if you carry your backback on your shoulder for long periods of time: backpacks are meant to evenly distribute the weight over your body, some make sure the straps can be easily regulated for this purpose.

If you are on a business trip, you might need to carry your laptop with you, so make sure your backpack for travel also has a compartment that keeps your laptop safe and far away from unnecessary impacts. As a rule of thumb, any good backpack for business purposes should have different compartments inside. An organised and tidy bag always helps.

Benefits of backpacks

The reason why backpacks are so versatile is strictly linked to their multipurpose nature. As we said, if you choose the right type, they satisfy a wide variety of needs.

Let's try to list them:

  • They qualify as cabin bags even with the strictest airline requirements;
  • They are a perfect hand luggage for short holidays. Don't believe it? Have a look at our quick guide to pack efficiently;
  • If they have different compartments, you can organise your belongings by your own criteria;
  • They encourage to keep your luggage minimal by carrying only essential items (and therefore, saving money);
  • They save a lot of time, because your moves will be agile and fast, even in the most congested crowds;
  • Their weight is evenly distributed on your shoulders, for a healthier back and a better posture;
  • They are safe: chances you lose your backpack or someone steals it are scarce, if you keep it on your shoulders.
Wondering where to get your next backpack for travel? At the nearest Gazzarrini store, obviously.